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We create uniform for onboard yacht crew. Our line is driven by the need for function-forward design and fabric innovation in the yachting industry. 



Crew and Tailor was created when its designer Sienna relocated to London after working on luxury yachts for eight years. Her role as Chief Stewardess involved sourcing, purchasing and developing custom uniforms for 22 crew members. Season after season she was faced with the same problems of poor quality, inconsistent sizing, ill-fitting garments and dated styles. 

Prior to her time at sea, Sienna completed 3 years of study in fashion design. This paired with her first hand knowledge of wearing and laundering uniforms, gives her a distinct advantage when it comes to designing a new product.


Made In Britain

The guiding values and principles of the company are to support “Made in Britain” where possible. It is especially important for the company to back British suppliers and manufacturers during the push to return manufacturing to Britain. This also means a shorter production time and a quicker delivery for our clients. 

Our clients will also agree with not compromising on quality. This concept also lends itself to the slow fashion movement that’s gaining momentum. We hope we will make an impact on consumer spending habits by providing quality garments that can withstand multiple seasons on a yacht. Rather than viewing them as throwaway items, It's about tapping into the pleasure of buying a well-made garment with a timeless design and being able to recognise quality.